But, first I’ll say a bit of “Bio” about me: Don’t know how to tackle this, so I’ll just wing it.

John R and Jane V with  'one of Dad's old machines'

John R and Jane V with  'one of Dad's old machines'

I grew up in a family of four kids - two older sisters, one younger brother - with a vegetable garden, a tennis court, lots of l books; all in the depression years of the 1930’s. I have always been mechanically inclined, always been the guy to fix the lawnmower, collect old motors with flywheels, etc.  Can’t explain why I like to write. I’m a slow reader, but a reader nevertheless. I like all kinds of “good” music; play ukulele/mandolin. My wife and I attend plays/theatre… and always have too many interests going on at the same time.

And that’s my quick intro. Now about this website:

Troy, N Y, like any other small city, has its own culture, characteristics, idiosyncrasies and history. In my case, I write first person accounts about:

  • How Rototillers came to be made here in Troy

  • My interest in urban gardening

  • Local history that has come to my attention

  • Some of Troy’s diverse and often incognito architecture

And maybe I’ll just throw in a few other stories that I thought were funny, strange or compelling for some other reason.

So please read, tell me what you think/ make comments/give feedback. I will respond and print your messages with dignity and respect, if you give me your OK to do so…


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